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Strategically located at the south western tip of India, Kerala enjoys unique geographic features, which has made it one of the most sought after tourist destinations in Asia. The state is a breathtakingly beautiful green, Greenland. Natural endowments like tranquil beaches, soothing backwaters, exhilarating hill stations, enchanting waterfalls, historic monuments, spectacular art forms, rejuvenating health packages, exotic wildlife and year-round festivals offer excellent investment opportunities in tourism related activities. All of which offer the tourists a unique experience, which enchants him throughout his life.

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Beaches in Kerala:
Most of india's finest beaches are in kerala. For virtually its entire 900 km length, the kerala coast is lined with sandy beaches, rocky promontories and coconut palms. The palm-lined beaches of kerala are renowned for the gentle surf and azure blue waters. To this add a delectable seafood cuisine, a smiling sun and frendly people to make an unforgetable holiday. Each year greater numbers of visitors arrive here in search of the tranquil, palm fringed beaches.

Beaches in Goa Major Attractions:

1. Alappuzha Beach
2. Bekal Beach
3. Beypore Beach
4. Cherai Beach
5. Dharmadam Island
6. Ezhimala Beach
7. Fort Kochi Beach
8. Kappad Beach
9. Kappil Beach
Cities in Kerala:
Kerala may be regarded as the ultimate travel destination. There are towns and cities of Kerala dotted by magnificent temples, forts and monuments whose architecture leaves all spellbound, hill stations preserving nature in its most unadulterated form, places where backwaters form the major attraction and coastal areas offering breathtaking sceneries. A few examples are Kochi, Trivandrum, Kollam, Alleppey and Munnar.

Beaches in Goa Major Attractions:

1. Thiruvananthapuram
2. Kochi
3. Kumarakom
4. Palakkad
5. Kozhikode
6. Munnar
7. Alappuzha
8. Kannur
Backwaters in Kerala:
The backwaters of Kerala are a series of interconnected waterways, lakes, inlets and riverine estuaries that form an intermeshed network along the coast of Kerala, India. The local people of the Kerala backwaters, travel on these waters and carry out their traditional occupations, such as farming and fishing on its fertile banks. The scenic beauty of the backwaters has also led to its being developed as a tourist destination in recent times. You can travel on backwater cruises in Kerala, on Kerala tours with Kerala Backwater.

Churches in Goa Major Attractions:

1. Alappuzha
2. Kumarakom
3. Kollam
4. Kozhikode
5. Kochi
Hill Stations in Kerala:
Much of kerala's exotic appeal is centred in the highland area of the western ghats. Rising to an average height of 1520 m, the tropical forests of the ghats house rich flora and fauna. Not to speak of expansive, loamy plantations of tea, coffee, rubber and fragrant cardamom.

Temples in Goa Major Attractions:

1. Chembra Peak
2. Chithirapuram
3. Devikulam
4. Idukki
5. Lakkidi
6. Mattupetty
7. Munnar
8. Nellyampathy
9. Peruvannamuzhi
10. Ponmudi
11. Pythal Mala
12. Vythiri
13. Wagamon
Festivals in Kerala:
The colorful mosaic of Kerala fairs and festivals is as diverse as the land, is an expression of the spirit of celebration, that is an essential part of the State. Observed with enthusiasm and gaiety, festivals are like gems, ornamenting the crown of Kerala tradition and culture. Round the year the fests keep Kerala life vibrant and interludes in the mundane affairs of life.

Goa Adventure Major Attractions:

1. Onam Festival
2. Vishu Festival
3. Thrissur Pooram Festival
4. Payippad Jelotsavam Festival
5. Attukal Pongala Festival
6. Makaravillakku at Sabarimala Festival
7. Theyyam Festival
Ayurveda in Kerala:
The rugged western ghats make it an ideal haven for many species of birds and animals and also provide a corridor for migration. The western ghats called the Sahyadris in Goa, extend for a total of 600kms in Goa of their total length of 3702 kms.

Goa Wildlife Major Attractions:

1. Abhyangam
2. Dhanyamla Dhara
3. Dhara
4. Kativasthi
5. Kizhi
6. Ksheeradhoomam
7. Lepanam
8. Nasyam
Wildlife in Kerala:
Kerala is bestowed with a rich repertoire of natural bounty - mountains & hills, rivers & lakes, backwaters & shoreline. It is natural for Kerala to be home to many national parks and sanctuaries. The enchanting green forest with its rich flora and fauna makes Kerala a much sought after wildlife destination in India. The numerous national parks and wildlife sanctuaries of Kerala will add that extra bit of excitement when you holiday in Kerala.

South Goa Major Attractions:

1. Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary
2. Eravikulam National Park
3. Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary
4. Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary
5. Periyar Tiger Reserve
6. Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary
7. Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary
Boat Races in Kerala:
The backwaters of Kerala apart from being a major tourist attraction are also venues for yet another splendid, unparalleled attraction of God's Own Country - Boat Races. The boat festivals of Kerala are one of the chief and popular festivals of Kerala that tourist must experience during their Kerala travel and tour. Kerala boat races are an event that is as much part of the land's ethos and is a sport that signifies the excellent team spirit, integration and amity of the people.

Goa Carnival Major Attractions:

1. Nehru Trophy Boat Race
2. Aranmula Boat Race
3. Champakulam Moolam Boat Race
4. Payippad Boat Race
5. Rajiv Gandhi Boat Race
6. Kavanattinkara Boat Race
7. Karuvatta Boat Race
Arts & Culture of Kerala:
It is believed to be india's oldest form of classical dance. This dance form which is called poetry in motion, has its hoary origins in the natya sastra written about 4000 b.c. by sage bharatha. This art form grossly disallows new fangled innovations or gimmicks except in repertoire and forms of presentation. It was originally known as 'dasi attam,' a temple art performed by young women called 'devadasis.'
Shigmo Festival Major Attractions:

1. Chakyarkoothu
2. Kathakali
3. Mohiniyattam
4. Theyyam
5. Tholppavakkoothu
6. Patayani
7. Velakali
How to Reach:

By Air: Thiruvananthapuram is connected by Air-India and Indian Airlines flights with Bombay, Madras, Cochin, Delhi & Colombo.

By Bus: Thiruvananthapuram is connected by road to several tourist centres in India.

By Train: Thiruvananthapuram is directly connected by rail to Calcutta as well as all the major cities in India.
Cities in Kerala | Beaches in Kerala | Backwaters in Kerala | Hill Stations in Kerala | Festivals in Kerala

Ayurveda in Kerala | Wildlife in Kerala | Boat Races in Kerala | Arts & Culture of Kerala

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